Gild is a creative production studio with European roots, based in LA, and working worldwide.

Incredible Egg billboard at Times Square

Crafting visual stories

We are a team of diverse individuals with all manner of talents and backgrounds from around the world unified by the passion for visual storytelling. We are artists, specialists, and storytellers drawing on our deep expertise to make stories that inspire and intrigue by pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Creativity + technology

Gild is the culmination of our eagerness to create something each and every day. This stems from our love to invent, play, and experiment. We are fueled by an unstoppable curiosity to look to the future for innovative and exciting technologies to bring immersive experiences to both new and existing audiences.

01Creative Development

Developing creative ideas is more than just crafting great imagery. It's about discovering and using the right concept that aids in compellingly communicating the intended message. Before moving into production, we explore creative solutions through detailed concept art, style frames, storyboards, and experiments.

02Shoot production

Whether it's on-location or in-studio, with our directory of photographers and our VFX supervision, we bring ideas to life from behind the camera. Drawing on our CGI and post-production expertise, we design solutions to creative challenges.


Creating the impossible or mimicking the real requires the combination of cutting edge technologies and extensive expertise. Our CGI artists' creative vision and deep understanding of photorealism ensure technical and astonishing results for still, animated, and VR content.


Combining retouching, CGI, and photography provides endless creative opportunities. Having evolved from a post-production company, we are best known for our immaculate retouching, compositing, 2D FX, and color grading. We are able to help our clients throughout all stages of the production to ensure that our post work integrates into the campaign in the best and most efficient manner.

Our selected clients

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