Dinner Eggs

American Egg Board

Joining forces again with our friends at the American Egg Board we created a series of images depicting different characters representing various egg dishes. However, this time the time of day was a bit different.

We were tasked with creating a nighttime look to the images. Embracing the challenge, we artfully illuminated each scene using a palette of moonlit tones and ambient hues. The result is a series of images that are both appetizing and atmospheric.

It’s Science!

Utilising our color science expertise, we developed a dedicated Lookup Table, seamlessly transitioning daytime scenes into nighttime. Guided by this LUT, we effortlessly maintained a consistent color grade across all characters, uniting the series with a harmonious after-dark aesthetic.


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American Egg Board
Energy BBDO
John Keatley
R&D / Compositing / Retouching / Color Grading / Look Development